Beck 10-50 PD

On June 14, 2023, the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office received a call for a report of a vehicle that had driven onto the construction area of K22 doing damage to wet freshly poured pavement or concrete for the K22 roadway project.  Abby Beck, age 27 of Vermillion, South Dakota, was traveling west on 200th street.  Upon coming to a road closed sign and barricade fence, Beck drove into the south ditch and went around the barricade.  Beck then drove onto K22, which was a concrete roadway that was poured that day with a construction crew still present working on the road. Upon doing so Beck struck the 1 foot lip of K22 causing the front driver’s side tire to deflate along with scratches to the bottom of the front end of her vehicle.  The concrete was chipped from this also.  Beck then turned north onto K22.  While traveling north on K22, Beck damaged the newly pored concrete for approximately 1,000 feet.  The damage varied in severity.  Beck then drove off the lip of K22 into the east ditch causing cracking and chipping to the edge of the concrete.   Beck was cited for failure to obey a traffic control device.