Patrol Division

The Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office patrol division consists of 12 Sheriff’s deputies. Plymouth County is the 4th largest county in the State of Iowa in regards to square miles, with a total of 864 square miles. This provides a challenge to the deputies assigned to keeping our roads safe. The Sheriff’s Office has deputies on duty 24/7 to respond to the needs of the citizens of Plymouth County whenever a call comes in.

All of the Sheriff’s deputies share a call load and answer the needs of the citizens of Plymouth County and those passing through. Sheriff’s deputies are often the first on scene of critical incidents and are able to provide medical help, investigative duties, and any other forms of assistance necessary to specific instances.

Apart from responding to any call that comes in, Plymouth County Sheriff’s Deputies also handle traffic enforcement ranging from traffic violations, to OWI’s, to drugs, and other criminal investigations. Deputies also provide assistance to disabled motorists and investigate and take reports of vehicle accidents when they occur.

The Plymouth County Sheriff’s Deputies not only respond to all calls and concerns in the county but also assist local police departments and small towns in Plymouth County when necessary.  The Sheriff’s Office works closely with all area law enforcement, fire departments, and EMS to protect and serve all within Plymouth County.