Langhoff arrested for OWI

On May 1, 2023, a traffic stop was conducted by a Plymouth County Sheriff’s Deputy near the intersection of Hill street and 5th street in Merrill, Iowa. During the course of the traffic stop it was learned that the driver, Jacob Hunter Langhoff, age 25 of Sioux City, Iowa, did not have any proof of liability insurance on the vehicle. Also during the course of this stop, it was believed the driver (Mr. Langhoff) was under influence of a drug other than alcohol. After standardized field sobriety tests were completed, Mr. Langhoff was transported to the Plymouth County Jail for a D.R.E. assessment. After the course of this assessment, it was believed Jacob was under the influence of cannabis. He was charged and booked into the Plymouth County Jail for operating under the influence 1st offense.