Leusink arrest on warrant

On 9-14-23 Aaron John Leusink was transported from IMCC in Oakdale to the Plymouth County Jail.  Warrants were issued by the Court for the following charges:

Burglary 1st Degree, Class B Felony
2 counts Burglary 2nd Degree, Class C Felony
2 counts Burglary 3rd Degree, Class D Felony
Felonious Misconduct in Office, Class D Felony
Unlawful Possession of Prescription Drugs, Serious Misdemeanor
Theft 4th Degree, Serious Misdemeanor
3 Counts Theft 5th Degree, Simple Misdemeanor

Leusink was booked into the Plymouth County Jail and then posted bond which was set at $30,000.