Plathe/Arnes 10-50 PD

On 10/20/23 at approximately 11:05 hrs., the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office responded to a tractor collision between 150th St and 160th St on Shamrock Ave in Plymouth County, Iowa.  Unit 1 was a tractor being operated by Robert Plathe, age 68 of Remsen, Iowa.  Unit 2 was a tractor being operated by Jerry Arens , age 73 of Remsen, Iowa.  Unit 1 was traveling south on Shamrock Ave and Unit 2 was traveling north on Shamrock.  At the point of contact it appeared that both units had gotten over as far as safely possible but due to the nature of the gravel road and grass shoulders, the units side swiped each other.  No injuries were noted.  No citations were issued.  Both units sustained some damage but were able to be driven from the scene.