Scam Alert


The Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind the public of numerous scams that we have seen our citizens taken advantage of over the years.  Most times victims will receive unsolicited calls or contact involving issues with identity, accounts or computers/programs.  These individuals are trusting sounding people that just “want to help you.”  In nearly all scams, the scammer is very helpful to you on how to get your money to them.  Some of the following are red flags:

  1. They advise you, “Don’t tell the bank or business what the money is for.”
  2. Use of gift cards to pay (Green Dot, Visa, Amazon).
  3. More recent is use of Bitcoin.
  4. Gaining access to your computer and bank accounts through your computer.
  5. Sending them money so that they can send you MORE money.
  6. Grandson/granddaughter in an accident or arrested. Need money to bail out of jail or pay to have vehicle fixed.
  7. Tell you your accounts are “exposed” and you need to send money to protect them.

Most often these scams originate from outside of the United States and are very difficult to track and/or find.  We encourage you to report to the Sheriff’s Office if you have been a victim.

The Sheriff’s Office warns against sending or giving personal information over the phone or computer.  Be certain you know where the information is going.

If you have any doubt or it just doesn’t feel right, talk to someone you trust or call the Sheriff’s Office.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it likely is.”