Scam Calls

On 05/01/2024 the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office received a scam complaint. The victim reported that the scammer wanted money for an arrest warrant. The story was fabricated and untrue. The scammers were ultimately able to convince the victim to withdraw a large amount of cash out of their savings account and the scammers came in person to pick up the cash.

It is not a practice for the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office or any other law enforcement agency in the nation to ask for bond money over the phone for an arrest warrant. The Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind everyone that these types of calls are a scam and if they sound suspicious, they should hang up the phone and report it to their local law enforcement agency. The scammers tend to target the elderly. If you have any questions on a suspicious phone call, please contact your local law enforcement agency prior to meeting any demands of the scammers.