Sioux Rivers Press Release- Flooding

In light of the recent devastating floods, torrential rains and tornados that have impacted our
communities, Sioux Rivers Mental Health and Disability Service Region (Sioux, Lyon, Plymouth, O’Brien,
Emmet, and Dickinson Counties) is urging residents to prioritize their emotional health and self-care
during these challenging times.

Natural disasters not only cause physical damage but also take a significant toll on mental health. The
stress and anxiety stemming from such traumatic events can lead to a range of emotional and
psychological issues. It is crucial for individuals and families affected by these disasters to recognize the
importance of taking care of their mental well-being. Experiencing natural disasters such as we have can
lead to a variety of emotional reactions including:

• Anxiety and Fear- worrying about future disasters, safety, and the well-being of loved ones
• Sadness and Grief- mourning the loss of homes, possessions, and things of monetary and
emotional value
• Anger and Frustration- feeling powerless and upset about the situation and its aftermath
• Confusion and Helplessness: struggling to process the vent and its impact on daily life
It is important to acknowledge these feelings and seek appropriate support to manage them effectively.
We have many experienced and professional brain health psychotherapists and crisis support in our sixcounty
region and we would be more than happy to help make a connection for you if needed.
Immediate Brain Health Resources:
• We have a variety of different resources listed by county on our website
just click on our county link at the top of the home page.
• Crisis Counselors are available 24/7 by calling 988. A trained crisis counselor will provide
immediate support and has the ability to dispatch local mobile crisis response teams if needed in
all six of our counties.

Engaging in self-care activities can significantly improve emotional health especially during these difficult
and trying times. Consider the following strategies:

• Stay Connected- reach out to family and friends for support. Talking about your experiences can
help you process your emotions.
• Maintain a Routine- keeping a regular schedule can provide a sense of normalcy and stability
• Exercise- physical activity can help reduce stress and improve mood.
• Take Breaks- allow yourself time to rest and relax, away from the stressors of recovery efforts.
• Seek Professional Help: don’t hesitate to reach out to a brain health professional if you are
struggling to cope by using the resources listed above or contacting 712-209-9979 and I will be
happy to help connect you with the right brain health professional in your area.

Sioux Rivers, in collaboration with Iowa Health and Human Services (HHS), will be providing additional
behavioral health programming in the upcoming days, weeks and months. These programs aim to offer
continuous support and resources to those affected, ensuring long-term recovery and emotional wellbeing.

Any questions please contact: Brenna Koedam, CEO
Sioux Rivers MHDS Region