Winter Storm January 12th – 14th

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the Iowa DOT along with Stockton Towing and the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office made numerous attempts to keep Hwy 3 in western Plymouth County open. The Iowa DOT brought in a large truck mounted snow blower to make these attempts.  Despite Plymouth County being in a blizzard warning, travel listed as not advised and Hwy 3 in western Plymouth County being listed as impassable, the following rescues were made:

Friday, January 12th, 4 semis and 4 passenger vehicles all occupied

Saturday, January 13th, 4 semis and 1 passenger car all occupied

Sunday, January 14th, 2 semis both occupied.

In addition, Plymouth County also had 35 motorist assists around the county and 2 property damage accidents.

Also assisting, Akron Fire and Rescue.